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September 29, 2023  

Swallow my Sweaty Feet

Our wonderful top fitness Rafaela Musy arrives from the gym with her sneakers and socks very smelly and her feet very sweaty and with a very bad smell, the wonderful Rafaela asks her slave Meg to take off her sneakers. But slave Meg is quite bothered by the bad smell coming from the wet feet with the sweat and complains a lot and says that our top fitness shoes and feet have a very bad smell. The muse Rafaela Musy gets irritated with the complaints of slave Meg and as a form of punishment, she puts Meg to smell her dirty and stinky shoes by sucking and swallowing her completely dirty, sweaty and smelly sock after a whole day of training at the gym. Don’t miss it!

Rafaela Musy, Meg

Format: mp4
Length: 01:13:32 min
Size: 5.2 Gb


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