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Dominatrix Daniella Red

Slave Lara Paulini

Fighter – Livia

Fighter – Namy Li

Important Info: If you experience any issues with this stream, please contact us at support@mfeet.com, and we will as a minimum be able to send you a copy of the stream when completed.

Next Live Stream – Members Only – Live from São Paulo

Start: Saturday, March 30th. at 19:00 UTC/GMT – IMPORTANT – Calculate to your own timezone!!!

Please find information at the bottom of the page, about how you can access the live stream, and interact with our staff and models.


Hosts: Daniella Red & Lars  – Event Mainly in English

19:00 UTC/GMT – Welcome & MF Fight Warm-Up

A quick welcome and introduction to MF Video. We will have both of the fighters in the studio, for a last comment before today’s MF Fight match.

19:15 UTC/GMT – Scene 1 – Behind the Scenes with Marco Fiorito – Presented by mfvideoxxx.com

Marco started his fetish production back in 1994, making 2024 his 30th. year in business. We have all come to love his great work, producing lesbian fetish, within genres such as facesitting, deep feet, hot kisses, and many others. Plenty of copycats, but true inventions is always coming from MF Video.

In this first scene of the day, we will take you behind the scenes with the legend himself. Watch from behind the scenes how Marco is working, producing yet another clip for one of our websites.

Tune in to find out about the genre and models, but what we can promise is that we will do our best to write a classic!

20:00 UTC/GMT – Scene 2 – MF Fight Livia vs Namy Li – Presented by mffight.com

Welcome to our new MF Fight League. 100% competitive girl/girl wrestling. Each fight consists of 4 rounds, each lasting 6 minutes, and after the last round a short interview with the winner will follow.

Round 1 – Bikini
Round 2 – Topless
Round 3 – Naked
Round 4 – The winner fucks the loser

The rules are simple, and the following;
– Each round starts in neutral position
– When a fighter has scored a point, the match re-starts in neutral position
– If the match is restarted for any reason, the referee may choose to restart in the referee’s position
– One points are awarded, when one fighter makes the other fighter tab out
– The fighter with the most points, by the end of round 3 is declared the winner. In the case of a draw, the 3rd. round will continue until the next tapout.

21:00 UTC/GMT – Interview – Marco Fiorito and the winner of today’s fight.

We will have both, the winner of today’s fight and Marco joins us for an interview. Have a question that you would like us to ask? Join our Telegram or Twitter, and we will pick some of the questions.

21:15 UTC/GMT – Scene 3 – LesbianPOV Models: Daniella Red & Lara Paulini

As the last scene of the day, we will be shooting a scene for our relatively new website lesbianpov.live. From reading the URL, you can almost guess the concept. Horny and beautiful Brazilian girls (in most cases MILF’s), that are looking to be satisfied by sexy younger Sao Paulo girls.

In today’s episode, our host Daniella Red will receive full satisfaction from Slave Girl Lara Paulini!

How To Access Live Events –  Three Ways
a) By being a member of mffeet.com, or any of our other membership websites. Please note, you will need to login and watch through the website that you are a member of. All membership types, will give full access to all events.
b) By purchasing, an event ticket at either mfvideoxxx.com. It’s not possible to purchase event tickets at mffeet.com. Ticket Price $15, if purchased as ticket only.
c) Purchase €/$40 worth of content from any one of our clips4sale.com stores, or any other 3rd. party official channels/stores, within the last 30 days before submitting ticket request. Please send ticket request to info@mfvideoxxx.com, with attached purchase receipt. Include also username or email used, when registering at mfvideoxxx.com. You can register a free account, if you do not already have one. We will then issue a ticket for your account, and you will be able to access the stream through mfvideoxxx.com

IMPORTANT – If you would like to take advantage of option “c”, then you will need to contact us no later than 6 hours prior to the event, for your ticket to be guaranteed! Instant access through other options.

Interaction With Models & Staff
During and before the event, it is possible to submit questions for the interview part of the event. Please post your questions, as a comment to our sticky Twitter and Telegram event post. The event post, will be posted around a week before the event.

To take part in the interaction, please either follow us on Twitter and/or join our Telegram Channel.

Practical Information

We aim to stick to the times listed in the program. If additional time between, say a scene and an interview, we will take a small break, and start the next part, as listed in the program.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The listed models are NOT 100% confirmed. The models have expressed interest in doing the shoot, as planned. However, we now and then, have last minute model cancellations. We reserve the right to replace any of the listed models, without prior notice. A change of model(s), is not a valid reason for a refund.


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